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Work Made for Hire
As defined in Section 101 of the 1976 Copyright Act, this is a work prepared by an employee within the scope of his/her employment, or a work specially ordered or commissioned for use by another person in accordance with a written document as a contribution to a collective work, motion picture, audio/visual and other certain types of works, the nature of which is specifically defined in Section 101 of the Copyright Act. In the case of a work made for hire the employer is considered the author of the work under the Copyright Act (and unless the parties agree, otherwise owns all the rights in the work).... | Read More
Synchronization Right

The exclusive right of a copyright owner, granted by the Copyright Act, to authorize the recording of a musical work onto the soundtrack of an audio/visual work. The song is synchronized with images on the screen, hence the name.

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Is closed captioning allowable with WORSHIPcast?
Closed captioning is outside the scope of rights we can extend through our WORSHIPcast License.
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Does PERFORMmusic cover the use of streaming services such as XM satellite radio, Pandora, Spotify, etc. that are played on the church premises?
Yes.... | Read More
Why is a master license needed to stream master recordings, but not to play them in public?

There is no license required for performance of sound recordings that are not digital (i.e. internet and digital radio) transmissions. 

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What Is the Poor Man's Copyright?

Sometimes individuals, churches, or ministries try to circumvent the formal copyright registration process by using a “poor man’s copyright.” Essentially, this practice entails sending a copy of your work to yourself. Under federal copyright law, there is no such thing as a “poor man’s copyright.” Individuals should be cautioned from utilizing this type of procedure as it does not take the place of formal registration and does not afford the same benefits as formal registration....
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If we only use 10 seconds of a video clip or songs, do we still need to get permission?
Yes. The length of recording or use of copyrighted material does not necessarily affect the need to obtain permission. In some cases, it may affect the cost or rate of the license, but it does not exempt you from asking first and receiving copyright clearance. ... | Read More
If we’re not selling the printed copies or the CDs we make, why do we have to get permission? We’re not making money on what we’re doing.
Whether you are selling or making a commercial profit does not affect the copyright owners five rights which are to do or authorize the use his/her copyrighted work to reproduce, make derivative works, distribute, perform and public display. ... | Read More
How do I get permission to make photocopies of "out of print" works or arrangements of copyrighted works?
When a copyrighted work goes out of print and becomes generally unavailable to the public, the fact that it is “out of print” does not imply that it may be reproduced in any manner without first receiving permission from the copyright owner. As long as the work is under copyright, permission to reproduce the work must always be obtained. ... | Read More
How do I find the publisher of a work?
The name of the publisher is usually included on the cover of the piece or on the copyright notice of the piece. If the publisher cannot be located with that information, there are some helpful websites you can search: The CCS CopyrightSolver database, CCLI's Song Select, ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC, as well as the U.S. Copyright Office.... | Read More

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