Thank you for your interest in licensing and using
Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir sound recordings

Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir

Licensing is required to reproduce and/or stream any Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir sound recordings. License requests will be processed online at

You are also responsible for obtaining licensing for the song copyright as well. CCS may issue licenses for Brooklyn Tabernacle's master recording artist trax as performed by the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir. The copyright information for the song is found in the liner notes of the original recording. Please note, accompaniment trax are not available to license for duplication; they are intended for live performance use only.

Below is a list of the different types of licenses needed, based on the project the song is used for. Note: some projects require multiple licenses:

License Types


Mechanical License
To record a song to a physical medium such as CD, cassette, etc…

Digital Phonorecord Delivery (DPD)
To offer a song in a digitally downloadable format through the Internet

Synchronization License
To synch a song to a motion picture (for example, if you are to use the song on a DVD or video of any kind)

Print License
To offer lyrics, chord charts, or sheet music in print format, whether in physical format or for internet use.

Streaming License
To stream content on a website (content may not be downloadable). Licenses are issued to the website for a specific term (6 months, 12 months or more).

Master License
To duplicate or stream a recording. This may be the original artist’s trax used for background or a compilation album or it may be an accompaniment trax.

Click "License Now" to download the request form, complete the form and email as directed. A CCS representative will review your application and email an invoice for fees due. Once the invoice is paid a completed license will be emailed to your attention.

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